Los robots garantizan la velocidad y la eficiencia, particularmente en el sector de la alimentación.

Pick & Place of Raw Food with Motoman Robots

Motoman Robots with Food Grade Grease are allowed to process and handle primary food, avoiding contamination of the food in the very unlikely case of leakages. Our Cobots HC10DT-IP67, HC20DT, or Delta Pickers MPP3S and MPP3H have Food Grade Grease as a standard, other GP Series robots can be ordered with Food grade grease option, like GP7, GP8, GP12, GP25, GP50, other models on request.

Handling Packaged Food with Motoman Robots

This is the complete workflow in the Packaging Industry, including applications like "Pick & Place", Pick & Pack" and "Palletizing".


Motoman Robots in the Beverage Industry

Please check our separate chapter about the Beverage Industry.

Chocolate, Sweets and Ice Cream Production with Motoman Robots

Convenience Food Production with Motoman Robots

Bakery Automation with Motoman Robots

The production of bakery products has become increasingly industrialised, and because of the flexibility required for automation in this sector, robots often come into the game.

Dairy and Cheese Production with Motoman Robots

Automation of Egg, Poultry, Fish and Meat Processing with Motoman Robots

Handling Agricultural Products and Fruits with Motoman Robots

Palletizing Food Products with Motoman Robots

Once being packed into cartons or crates, the palletizing job is similar to other Palletizing applications.

Automation of Cleaning Processes with Motoman Robots

Robots can be used for cleaning transport containers like trays or crates, but also to clean fridges, ovens and other processing machinery automatically.

Motoman Robots working in low temperature environments

To be honest - flexible robot cables, gear sealings, lubrication grease and electronic components are not really made for permanent operation temperatures below zero degrees. For those applications, robots are wrapped into a robot suit/jacket - please contact us for more details.