• Registro de las características de fuerza/distancia de los elementos de conmutación
  • Control de calidad de elementos de conmutación
  • Calibración de las características del material


  • An FT (force/torque) sensor and a PZN-plus centric gripper are mounted on the robot. Furthermore, there is also an ERD rotary module and an ELB linear module on the inspection platform.
  • The gripper grips a plastic pin and presses the buttons of the vehicle entertainment system. The resultant forces are displayed on the screen. The pin is set down.
  • The gripper now grips the rotary control knob of the entertainment system directly. The resultant torques are displayed on the screen.
  • The FT sensor then measures the torques generated on the rotary module and the forces generated on the linear module and displays them.


  • Using the FT sensor, forces and torques can be measured precisely in all six degrees of freedom, recorded and evaluated.