Mind for Marine

Taking marine drives to the world

Creating awareness of advanced technologies to help the marine industry become greener is at the center of all we do.

The company’s innovative drive trains make an impact on profitable power generation and energy use, with the ultimate goal of lowering the cost of energy and operations.

In the marine industry specifically, our solutions enable shipowners to future-proof their fleets by lowering costs for more profitable operations as well as reducing the cost to the environment.

We don’t expect one big idea or technological breakthrough to solve the challenge of sustainable shipping. Rather, we feel what is required is a range of solutions, each making its own contribution.

We add to a cleaner future with our advanced solutions, including a permanent magnet shaft generator, electric propulsion, Power Drives and DC-Hub.

Permanent magnet technology

Our permanent magnet (PM) machines and frequency converters are game changers when it comes to reaching the highest energy efficiency, lowering the cost of operations and complying with future environmental legislation and safety regulations. The PM machine can be used either as a generator or a motor.

Shaft generators

For shaft generators, our mechanical solution based on permanent magnet generators (PMG) and frequency converters allows the auxiliary generators to be off most of the time and enables the ship to operate at variable speed while producing electricity.

Electric propulsion

In electric propulsion, we offer special seafaring vessels, like ferries, cruise lines, tugboats and icebreakers, the opportunity to take advantage of lower operational costs by optimizing the fuel consumption of the diesel engine.


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