YASKAWA will exhibit in Empack the Total Solution cell with the Air Grip gripper for bottle handling

05. November 2018

Air Grip is a solution patented by YASKAWA whose specific function is the handling of robot-based beverage bottles. This bottle gripper for Motoman robots is efficient, fast, safe and flexible and it can handle up to 47,000 bottles / hour with only two robots. One of the main characteristics of Air Grip is high capacity production with minimized standstills as well as low air pressure requirement.

The Air Grip solution has been developed to meet the demands for a flexible application in bottling plants. It can be used in both small and large companies and for a variety of purposes. It is easy to use, has a long lifespan and handles the majority of glass or plastic bottles types and trays. In addition, your production can easily be adjusted to the varying demands of the market, and high standards of production reliability are met.

The cuffs are made in five standard sizes covering most of the current assortment of bottles. These strong  grips ensure a secure grip on the bottle necks, even in high-speed applications, without damaging the screw caps.

This application is presented in a Yaskawa Total Solution Cell, a complete solution for packaging that integrates the latest technology of all divisions of the company: it includes a Yaskawa PLC, AC inverter drives of the new GA700 range with bluetooth connection and programming capability, Motologix software to program the robot from different types of PLC, the GP25 robot from the new GP handling series and the new YRC1000 controller, which intregates the Functional Safety Unit (FSU) that allows to control up to 32 security positions in order to limit the position of the robot as well as its speed. You can see this complete cell at Empack 2018 on November 12 and 13 (P14 / Stand G04).

Motoman HC10: the Yaskawa solution for collaborative robotics

Yaskawa will also exhibit in Empack its collaborative robot HC10 with a maximum reach of 1.2 m and a payload of 10 kg. It has an efficient force sensor that stops the robot in case of contact with an operator. In addition, the HC10 incorporates the PFL safety function (power and force limiting) that receives information from the 6 built-in torque sensors in the robot arm. This allows the robot to stop when the external force acting on it exceeds a limit level. On the other hand, it has robot avoidance motion function, an application function based on the value of an external force applied to the robot. The main focus in the design of the new HC10 lies in its especially easy-to-use operation. The programming can be done in "Easy Teaching" mode, with the manual function "Smart Hub". In addition, its installation area is very flexible and, therefore, allows the robot to work in different work stations.