Yaskawa will exhibit a pick & place solution in Empack 2019

04. November 2019

Yaskawa Ibérica will be present at Empack 2019 showing its innovations in packaging sector

Yaskawa Ibérica will exhibit the collaborative HC10 robot in a pick & place solution (Source: YASKAWA)

Pick & Place solution with collaborative robot

Yaskawa Ibérica will exhibit the collaborative HC10 robot in a pick & place solution. One of the peculiarities of this solution is that  the robot is mounted on a motorized lifting base to work from a height of approximately 500 mm to 2 m. The HC10 robot will carry a Zimmer electric clamp.

The HC10 robot from Yaskawa is a hybrid robot that works for collaboration and cooperation with humans and also, like any other industrial robot when necessary. It is a practical, functional and versatile robot that can be used in a wide variety of applications. The HC10 of Yaskawa meets all security standards, and maintains a high level of productivity.

Robotics palletizing solution: versatility and efficiency

Yaskawa will also exhibit a robotics palletizing solution with a medium-load robot that has a Schmalz claw. The type of claw is flat aspirant, which allows a very easy installation and very effectively suction. In addition, this solution is characterized by its versatility because it works for a variety of formats.

The MPL palletizing range from Yaskawa is made up of models that have payloads from 80 kg to 800 kg and working envelopes ranging from 2061 mm to 3159 mm. The innovative MPL palletising robots are true masters of movement and are attractive due to their superior acceleration and exceptional axis speeds, while requiring very little space for installation. The internally routed supply lines (four air lines and 22 electrical cables) extending up to the head joint provide for the highest possible hose package service life.