Yaskawa presents the new AR series of welding robots

14. October 2019

The six-axis MOTOMAN AR robots provide accurate performance especially for the high demands of arc welding applications.

The smallest MOTOMAN arc welding robot AR900 provides high path accuracy and great stability (Source: YASKAWA)

With a high payload of up to 12 kg and a wide working range of 2010 mm AR2010 robot supports welding of bulky workpieces and mounting a broad variety of heavy welding and cutting equipment (Source: YASKAWA)

These high-performance robots are available with 8-25 kg payload capacity in order to support a wide variety of sensors and torches for welding application flexibility. The AR-series robots offer the highest payload, fastest speed and highest wrist allowable moment in their class.

Motoman AR700 and AR900: compact and fast

The powerful and compact AR700 and AR900 robots are ideal for welding small parts with complicated angles in tight places with an overarm torch. A slim profile design allows close proximity placement of robots for high-density workcells, and a smooth, easy-to-clean surface accommodates use in harsh environments. As an option, the manipulator cable can be connected on the bottom of the robot (as opposed to the side) to avoid wall interference.

Motoman AR1440, AR1730 and AR2010

The AR1440, AR1730 and AR2010 robots feature a contoured arm design that allows easy access to parts in tight spots and avoids potential interference with fixtures, enabling close proximity placement of robots for high-density workcells. The symmetric wrist profile, with ample range, provides equal torch access to both sides of part. A 50 mm thru-hole for torch cabling, hose and sensor wires reduces cable interference and wear. Likewise, the minimal U-axis cable protrusion and S-axis internal cable management prolongs cable life and maximizes part access.