Robotic Inspirations...

Cool and Innovative Robotic Applications with Motoman Robots

Think new, think different - innovative robots have always inspired people to do something fascinating new with robots. We are always excited what our customers do with our Motoman Robots!

Let yourself be inspired by the collection of videos below. Surprisingly or not, most of the actors are our Motoman 7/15-axis SIA / SDA Series robot models!

A little entertainment program for lab workers with the SDA10F robot named "Lenny Motoman".

Ribbon Tying for chocolate presents - an excellent solution for a tricky automation job.

Cable driven positioning of a SIA20F robot - unbeatable method to extend the working space.

SDA20F Dual Arm robot hanging on an MPL500 Robot with tool changers - Automatic Assembly of furniture cabinets.

Robotic Arc Welding cell radically simplified - SDA10F Dual arm robot with heat-resistant fingers.

Realived by our Partner Graphic Robotics, a SDA20F Dual Arm Robot handling large paper blocks in a digital print shop - taking benefit from the dual arm advantage.

A cool idea to deal with heavy loads - the SDA10F robot is navigating, and the crane is carrying the load.

Flexible automated printing of Textiles in small batches - perfectly synchronized by a ceiling mounted SDA Dual Arm Robot.

Motoman GP7 robots in a sewing application, handling manipulating leather car interiors.

Here is an interesting way to pack electronic equipment, using a dual arm SDA10F.